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  乐米彩票平台_乐米彩票平台注册_乐米彩票平台开户【欢迎访问】(温州绩超电气科技有限公司),其前身系乐清市成明电子接插件厂,位于中国电子之都一一浙江省乐清市虹桥镇。公司主要生产家用电器、计算机、摩托车、汽车等配套的电连接器及端子,共计1000多个品种。公司通过IS09001: 2008质量管理体系认证,其低频连接器主导产品通过了UL、CQC认证。



  Zhejiang Chaojihao Electric Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou Jichao Electric Technology Co., Ltd.), the predecessor of the Department of Yueqing ChengMing electronic connectors factory, located in China's electronics are - Hongqiao Town, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province. The company mainly produces household appliances, computers, motorcycles, cars and assorted electrical connectors and terminals, totaling more than 1000 varieties. The company passed IS09001: 2008 international quality management system certification, the leading low-frequency connector products through the UL and CQC demonstration.

  The company always pay attention to the training of personnel, after years of effort, the company has a professional R & D and quality management team, with a strong new product development and mold manufacturing capacity, production, testing equipment. The company attaches great importance to quality management and quality control, establish a sound quality management system.

  Our quality policy is "fine career, to meet customer demand; to quality, to produce reliable products; honest, providing quality services"; adhere to the "Division I let the cable terminal stable connection" business philosophy, progressive and innovative industrial spirit, continuously expand and improve the service industry chain connector, providing customers with the best service, and provide the highest quality products.

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